Personal AI health assistant

All the data collected and systematized in DeHealth ID brings the possibilities of preventive and precision medicine to a radically new level. But unfortunately, many people still lack access to essential health care services. While the solution to this problem on an institutional level isn't to come in the foreseeable future, DeHealth is developing an AI health assistant that will benefit everyone regardless of income or geography. 

Empowering patients with better insight and clarity

We have developed a personal assistant to care for your health based on AI technology. The more data you share, the better the technology can analyze it. As a result, AI health assistants will help you improve the state of your health and prolong your life. Most importantly, it will facilitate a meaningful conversation with your physician and help you gain control and better insight into how your health parameters translate into your well-being.

Tracking & Prevention

For example, AI can detect changes in specific health indicators and suggest consulting a relevant healthcare expert or monitoring it more closely. In addition, recommending simple lifestyle changes driven by your healthcare data will elevate the recommendations to a new level of personalization, thus preventing critical health states. Just imagine that on the basis of the collected data, the algorithm determines patterns and is able to signal in a timely manner and recommend contacting a med-specialist for help! After all, for DeHealth, the priority is not to treat or sell medicines but to avoid disease and help find more affordable ways of treatment. 

How does it work?

DeHealth AI is helping to develop predictive systems based on big data analysis. It monitors all patient tests, displays real-time data from medical gadgets, and reports the slightest abnormalities to prevent disease. Technology is helping medicine to be more proactive, and the future lies in preventative medicine. It is now time to shift from reactive sick care to a healthcare era in which a person will not need to be treated for illnesses and their consequences because they were prevented in time, and any abnormalities are corrected before the disease has had time to develop.

Use Cases

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