What matters?

DeHealth advocates for providing people with access to affordable, equitable and essential health care, including systemic education and direct action to remove inequalities and barriers to health care.

This is made possible by providing the entire industry with high-quality, structured medical data, which speeds up the process of drug development, and disease prediction and anticipation.

What matters?
What matters?

DeHealth Ecosystem

In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we created the DeHealthMetaHealthmetaverse. By combining all these six areas, you can significantly influence the changes in the healthcare industry.

On the one hand, we need to provide the entire healthcare industry with reliable medical data. On the other, we offer users to securely store, manage and monetize their data and use the possibilities of preventive medicine to improve their quality of life.

What matters?

Our Technology

DeHealth has created an innovative decentralized storage for health data and digital assets, data oracle protocols, and incentive layers. The DHLT Network is an EVM-based private blockchain with a Proof of Authority (POA) consensus algorithm.

The high-level cybersecurity of the application, and the data contained, is guaranteed by the internal development team and independent experts.

What matters?

Our User

Thanks to blockchain technology, users can securely and anonymously store their healthcare data, access it at any time around the world, manage the distribution of anonymized data and monetize it using the DHLT token. All this contributes to a new normal of healthy lifestyle.

What matters?

Our Supplier

DeHealth is a framework where healthcare providers share customer medical data with their prior consent, while receiving DHLT tokens and opportunities from the DHLT network.

What matters?

Our Consumer

DeHealth provides structured, high-quality, and relevant anonymized data to pharma companies and other data consumers for further research and decomposition.

What matters?

Our Token Holder

With DHLT, the native token that powers the DHLT network, anyone can upload and store their medical data, receive and host digital information, and sell their anonymized data. DHLT tokens are used to pay for services within the DeHealth app, as well as for staking, trading on exchanges or deleting in fiat or crypto.

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What matters?

Our Foundation

The DeHealth Foundation is responsible for allocating resources to important healthcare projects. The universal value of technology means equal access to goods and services and minimizing social and economic gaps between people.

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“Death is my enemy and I want to defeat it with new technologies“

Denys Tsvaig
Co-Founder, CEO & CTO of DeHealth, Tech Entrepreneur,
Blockchain& Web 3.0 Enthusiast

What matters?
What matters?

Access to Health as a Global Equity Issue

According to research, due to lack of access to health care, almost six out of ten people around the world do not receive proper health care.

DeHealth aims to eliminate inequality and ensure equal access to healthcare for all people, regardless of country of residence and income level.

What matters?

DeHealth saved a life. The original story.

«…The doctors didn’t know what was going on, and if it wasn’t for DeHealth, I would have died.»

Denis Kuvaitsev

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