DeHealth is an international brand with HQ in the UK and Ukraine and research centers in Israel, the USA and New Zealand.

We developed DeHealth App — AI & BlockChain-Based Web App, a health Data storage that allows users to securely and autonomously store their medical data in one place. Users can share, manage, and monetize their data directly within the dApp. Transactions in the dApp will be executed using our DHLT token, keeping them secured while selling their anonymized data.

DeHealth is a brand and international group of companies headquartered in the UK and research centers in Ukraine, Israel, the USA and New Zealand.



The health data that a person generates from birth is his/her intangible asset, which, if properly managed, is the key to longevity and a better quality of life. Each user throughout his/her life collects a personal history in the DeHealth electronic health card using artificial intelligence. In turn, this structured data allows physicians to reduce the time it takes to collect patient health information, assess risks, make a more accurate diagnosis, or adjust treatment.


DeHealth’s mission is to make healthcare more efficient by building the Web 3.0 platform for medical data to ensure equal access to healthcare for all people, regardless of country of residence or income level.


Our Philosophy

We’re going to open up MetaHealth spaces, set our flag, and create a new world of digital health centered around people. Blockchain is not a target. Decentralization is not a target. Our philosophy is to use technology to solve problems. Web 3.0 and AI are essential for healthcare data, so DeHealth uses these solutions.


We partner with trusted vendors from blockchain, cybersecurity, pharmaceuticals, finance, marketing, research and global fields.

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