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Report / June 16, 2023

The Workshop on «THE FUTURE OF DATA SHARING AND DATA MANAGEMENT IN PHARMA» has provided valuable insights into the world of personal data ownership, digital health technologies, and their profound impact on personalized medicine. This event was an opportunity to explore the importance of efficient data management, storage, and protection for maintaining high-quality health data. By delving into the realm of validated health data, participants gained a deeper understanding of its potential to fuel research, innovation, and job opportunities on a global scale.

Bringing together experts and professionals from diverse fields, the workshop served as a collaborative platform for sharing knowledge, exchanging best practices, and exploring innovative solutions in leveraging data within the health sector. The transformative potential of data analytics in driving business goals, achieving precision medicine, and shaping the future of healthcare was a central focus.

DeHealth, a firm committed to advancing people’s well-being, believes that data and AI are the foundation of modern medicine. The event was designed to engage individuals passionate about the role of data in health, digital innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Together, let us embark on a journey where data empowers us to reimagine healthcare.


Recording of the workshop

About The Speakers

Anna Bondarenko

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at DeHealth

Philippe Gerwill

Medical Data Adviser at DeHealth, Mentor/Coach, ex-Novartis, Lonza, Ciba

Igor Korolev

Biotech & Digital Health Data Adviser at DeHealth, Neuroscientists, ex-Roche, Merck

T. Scott Clendaniel

Chief AI Learning Officer, Top Voice in Data Science, ex-Morgan Stanley, Legg Mason

Kadiri Adaba

Founder at Aptus Life, Healthcare director at FreshCredit

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