Monetising anonymous data

Reliable Data has never been more valuable in the medical industry than it is today. Health professionals can now generate data-driven healthcare solutions to improve patient outcomes in many ways. These include empowering patients to engage with their own health histories with easy-to-access medical records and informing providers of patients' ongoing health status so they can, in turn, assess treatment methods faster. Monetization has been one of the largest challenges in the medical industry. However, the question remains - who profits from the sale of this precious data?


One of the largest injustices in the current data market is that the originator of the data does not receive anything for their precious information. Hospitals, big pharma, and medical data exchanges are the only stakeholders that directly benefit from a patient’s medical data. DeHealth fixes this injustice and gives each individual control and ownership of their data. In addition, DHLT Network provides all the tools necessary for the user to easily and safely sell their data to research institutions, labs, and university partners. Patients will finally be able to receive remuneration for their data. A single data input could earn a patient between $5-1000 per sale.

How does it work?

Once you fill out at least 25% of the necessary personal data and add your medical data from verified sources, you can share it with medical institutions, pharma companies and researchers around the globe. You will contribute to the improvement of worldwide healthcare quality and receive royalties, such as DHLT tokens, in return. These tokens can be transferred to your MetaMask wallet and then exchanged for fiat. User incentives from the direct sale of data are comprised of two parts:
1) Is related to the amount of profile information completed. Based on profile completion, a rating is assigned between 0.25 - 1.0. As an example, a rating of 0.25 would be given to the user that filled out 25% of the profile information, where 1.0 represents a fully completed profile. The rating dictates the number of tokens that the user will receive. The more complete the user’s profile is, the higher the chances of the distribution of their data in our network, and respectively, and more rewards they can get. Each time data is sold from the data pool in which their medical data is revolving, the user receives a reward.
2) Is based on the amount of DHLT tokens the user allocated into the staking contract. The more tokens are staked, the higher the proportion of reward from the second income distribution is. -In order to qualify for a share of the proceeds from the sale of medical data, the user must upload their data to the DHLT Network blockchain. The minimum profile rating which is allowed to be uploaded to the blockchain is 0.25.

Ensuring data security

Personal information remains encrypted and is never shared/seen by any stakeholder besides the user. Medical and lifestyle data, on the other hand, is encrypted using a private key, and as a result, the user can upload this data to the DHLT Network. Users have the option to turn off access or delete data that is no longer relevant to them, as well as prioritize one data source over another. Dealing with medical data, the most sensitive and valuable asset in the healthcare industry, DeHealth prioritizes the security of data storage by complying with data protection and security standards, including Data Protection Law, GDPR, HIPAA, and Data Protection Act. High-grade cybersecurity of the application, and the data it contains, is guaranteed by the internal development team as well as independent experts such as Hacken and ethical hacking communities

Use Cases

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