Controlling all health data in DeHealth ID

You can keep all your health data in one place — your DeHealth ID. It will help you easily access your medical data anytime from the web or a mobile app. In addition, the data stored in DeHealth ID is verified and relevant across the globe. Let's cover some real-life situations when that's especially handy. 

Saving your time and money when traveling

Let's face it, the need to attend medical help when abroad is expensive and troublesome. It's not only the language that might be a barrier but the gap between the medical records you have at home and the need to communicate that to the specialist. You may encounter problems with medical data standardization, its display and naming. You may also simply find that the medical tests you’ve passed in your home country are not validated by a medical institution in the country where you’re currently staying.

DeHealth provides a solution of sharing validated medical records anywhere around the globe. By the generated link, the doctor you visit will see all your medical history and other relevant medical tests that you have passed. You won't need to waste time or money on passing those tests again in the country where you're staying. Most importantly, your physician will have all the essential information at hand to start the treatment promptly because when it comes to health, time is of the essence.

With all this flexibility, your data remains safe, and you're in 100% control of the kind of data you share. You can share the relevant medical records for your appointment by generating a report containing all the necessary records. The physician can access the report with a temporary link, valid for 20 minutes only. 

Sharing your vitals with the loved ones

Another perk of the DeHealth network is that, apart from storing all your medical records in your DeHealth ID, you can also view the medical ID of your family members or people you care about. This use case will significantly benefit parents in charge of their children's well-being and caregivers. That way, you can monitor the health state of the people you care about in our network whenever you need and access all the vital information that might be truly lifesaving.

How does it work?

DeHealth dApp centralizes medical data in one system by utilizing a uniform cross-platform information system. This system records the data from different sources into one platform, which may be simply and seamlessly shared by the user with verified medical professionals. Furthermore, by leveraging our relationships in the healthcare industry, we integrated MIS into the DHLT network, which synchronizes patient data in real-time. The blockchain infrastructure provides traceability that is necessary for use in electronic medical records, remote patient monitoring, medical EHR systems, and so on. The data architecture is designed so that DeHealth can communicate, gather, and share verified medical data with any MIS in the world, creating a patient-driven electronic data sharing information system.

Use Cases

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