Unlocking Insights: Delving into the Report of Our Exclusive Workshop

26 Jun, 2023
01:31 min read

✨🔬 We hope you’re still buzzing with excitement from our workshop, “Towards Health Futures: The Future of Data Sharing and Data Management in Pharma.” We wanted to give you a heads up about something extra special we’re sending your way. The event served as a catalyst for groundbreaking ideas and revolutionary advancements.

This one-of-a-kind workshop delved into crucial themes, including robust data governance, privacy protection, and the transformative potential of data-driven insights. Participants were enlightened about the vital role of efficient data management, secure sharing practices, and the profound impact of validated health data on revolutionizing healthcare.

  • Anna Bodnarenko — topic “Medical Data Market”
  • Philippe Gerwill — topic “AI Training for Healthcare: Unveiling the Potential of Medical Content”
  • Igor Korolev — topic “Potential Use Cases for Real-World Data/Evidence in Pharma”
  • T. Scott Clendaniel — topic “Top Data Science Tips and Tricks”
  • Kadiri Adaba — topic “Standard Development for Healthcare Big Data Governance”

We are proud to report that our workshop received an overwhelming response, with over 100 applications from esteemed professionals representing prominent entities in biotechnology, pharmaceutical companies, AI, data science, and VC firms. Despite the inability of many to attend, we have listened to the numerous requests we received and have gone the extra mile to provide access to a comprehensive report and a convenient video recording of the event.

✅ To avail yourself of this opportunity and gain access to a wealth of knowledge shared by our expert speakers, visit our website at surl.li/imdfs. Now, all interested individuals can gain these valuable resources and further explore the frontiers of healthcare innovation.

💥 P.S. DeHealth Data Presale Whitelist is Live Now! Seize the opportunity to join our unique open Whitelist, which provides legal access to 17+ Million Medical Records of almost 4 Million Patients! Don’t delay, submit your interest via the link: surl.li/ifkme

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