InnMind and DeHealth HTL Network are entering into a partnership agreement to coordinate accelerated action towards broadening investments opportunities

7 Dec, 2021
02:08 min read

DeHealth HTL Network, a web 3.0 protocol architecture for a big medical data-driven future standard ecosystems, is entering into a strategic partnership with InnMind, the leading European community-driven ecosystem for tech-entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, to start a fundraising program working through countries and organizations.

DeHealth has successfully launched a pilot project in Eastern Europe, a cloud-based medical web platform already trusted by 34,000+ doctors and more than 2,500,000+ users (patients). On this basis, DeHealth team plans to launch the DeHealth HLT Network blockchain protocol for storing/processing/checking/ transmitting medical data, as well as the HLT (health) cryptocurrency.

To implement DeHealth’s business strategy and technical roadmap, it plans to attract a round of investments from VC and smart investors who have expertise in IT, crypto & blockchain, ML, and marketing.

The main mission of InnMind is to connect entrepreneurs with the right investors and VC funds. The InnMind network unites more than 50 thousand tech entrepreneurs and 1.3 thousand venture capital firms, angels, and corporate investors. That is why InnMind is one of the most extensive and the most efficient tech ecosystems in Europe, rapidly expanding overseas, being industry, stage, and geography agnostic. InnMind helps innovative entrepreneurs successfully prepare to work with top investors, get funded, and accelerate business partnerships worldwide.

“Our mission is to take the healthcare sector to the next evolutionary phase. We are here to respond to the industry needs, and we’re happy to partner up with such a bright and knowledgeable platform like InnMind to make it happen,” says Denys Tsvaig, the Co-Founder of DeHealth.

“Healthcare data remains one of the most promising, and at the same time tangible and regulated use cases. And I believe that it is a perfect use case for blockchain. A lot of investors from the VC and corporate world are looking at the healthtech sector precisely and InnMind will gladly put DeHealth on the radar of smart and knowledgeable VC professionals in this sector. — commented Nelli Orlova, Founder of InnMind

About DeHealth HLT Network

DeHealth HTL Network is healthcare-oriented multi-layer decentralized technology to support advanced scenarios of interactions between medical data market players, focusing on data provenance and privacy-preserving features.

About InnMind

InnMind is the leading deal origination platform in Europe and a digital hub uniting more than 50 thousand international tech startups, Venture Capital funds, Corporate Partners, and other players in the startup ecosystem. InnMind is focused on both traditional and tokenized startups. InnMind’s mission is to help tech entrepreneurs access investors, experts, and corporate players via the deal-origination online platform, through a broad knowledge base, crucial tools, mostly pitching sessions and match-making.

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