DeHealth at Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2024

21 Mar, 2024
01:16 min read

We're beyond to announce that DeHealth is currently showcasing at the prestigious Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2024, taking place on March 21-22. The founders of DeHealth are actively engaged in discussions, leading the charge in shaping the dialogue on the advancement of deep technologies, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, data economics, and the healthcare industry.

About the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2024:

Organized by Hello Tomorrow, the Global Summit 2024 stands as a pivotal initiative aimed at transforming revolutionary discoveries in science and technology into tangible products and services. These innovations aim to enhance human and planetary health while driving sustainable business practices forward. In recent years, participants of the summit have collectively raised over 1 billion euros in investments, showcasing the immense commercial potential and contribution to global economic development. Through the Hello Tomorrow Challenge, an impressive roster of 350 deep tech startups has been curated, all set for a groundbreaking series of 5,000 pre-scheduled meetings with 255 investors. This showcases a meticulously organized and forward-thinking approach to the summit.

Audience Information:

We warmly invite all those captivated by the future of deep technologies to join us for a coffee at the summit. This offers an unparalleled opportunity to engage in deep dives into the future landscape of deep technologies, share insights, and foster meaningful connections. Should you need assistance arranging interviews or require any additional information to fully leverage the event, please don't hesitate to reach out. More information is attached, and it would be our pleasure to see you there.

We're looking forward to meeting you at the summit! 

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