DeHealth creates income opportunities for every patient who cares about their health

26 Nov, 2021
01:43 min read

The British-based company DeHealth became a member of the Ukrainian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ISC), the most significant business association, uniting more than 45 million companies from almost 100 countries.

According to the WHO, more than 3 billion people do not have access to proper healthcare. This is due to at least two reasons: the lack of quick access to quality health services and the lack of funds to pay for these services.

DeHealth is revolutionizing these issues by creating technology tools to quickly access the best global technology and physicians from anywhere in the world. Most importantly, using the DeHealth platform will allow the patient to receive financial resources.

It is no secret that powerful pharmaceutical companies and research centers study the data of millions of patients. The data is usually transferred to medical institutions and hospitals in exchange for money that does not end in the hands of the patient who generated the data and is the sole owner. DeHealth is changing this unfair paradigm for billions of people, allowing everyone to earn an income by monetizing their own depersonalized data.

For Ukraine, such cooperation means that millions of patients will earn extra income by taking care of their health.

DeHealth founders Denys Tsvaig and Anna Bondarenko recall that the project began simply with a dream — to make the latest technologies work for people’s health, prolonging their lives.

DeHealth is ready to open these opportunities for every Ukrainian. The platform is currently being tested, where more than 3 million patients already use a personal control card and store their medical data, all doctor’s visits, tests, etc. This allows the doctor to professionally diagnose, draw conclusions based on the complete picture of human health and the dynamics of the disease simultaneously.

Volodymyr Shchelkunov, President of ISS Ukraine, stressed that he would be happy to provide all the opportunities and potential of the network of National Committees of the International Chamber of Commerce for the rapid implementation of DeHealth in Ukraine and friendly countries.

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